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Birmingham Midlands

tel 07388873401

or 07772050659


Course Duration 4 hours training program

Class size max of 8


Course overview:


Ideal for students who have been on oue beginners photography course who are starting to get to grips with their photography and want to take it up a level:


This course is done on location in beautiful Lichfield and is totally practical!


During the session we will :


*Discuss areas that each student wants to improve


*Reaffirm and expand on the exposure triangle and exposure control (exposure bracketing & HDR).


*Previsualise your shot in your mind so you shoot with intent not randomly.


*Learn to use the tools of composition ti help you achieve your shot and get the WOW in your shots


*Show you how to really engage with your subjects seeing beneath the surface


*Look at light - learn what is good and bad light


*Learn to shoot mindfully and with curiosity





Workshops will have a maximum of 8 people so each student gets plenty of time to ask any individual questions they have.


Students must have either a high spec compact, bridge camera, mirrorless camera or Dslr and a tripod would be beneficial.


Courses are held at weekends on selected dates throughout the year.


Price £150




Intermediate photography course

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